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The New Generation III Alcohol and Marijuana Sensing House Arrest Ankle Bracelet With Active GPS Is Now Available!

by CB Home Detention Equipment and Services, Inc.

Electronic Monitoring Just Got Better!

How is This House Arrest Bracelet Different?

House Arrest Bracelet This new house arrest bracelet has extraordinary alcohol and marijuana sensing capabilities
The bracelet that is affectionately named the Tattle TaleTM (patent pending.)  

These outstanding capabilities will give service providers, probation departments and officers of the court with a higher level of surveillance for offenders who are likely to abuse alcohol and marijuana during their house arrest sentence.

Why use an "Alcohol and Marijuana Sensing" House Arrest Bracelet?

Rehabilitation will not take place if an alcohol or marijuana abuser is at home but continues to ingest controlled substances. Not only does this device track the whereabouts of an offender through active GPS technology, but also monitors their alcohol usage.

Geo-Fence and GPS

A judge, when setting the conditions of probation/house arrest, may stipulate that an offender not use alcohol or marijuana and that the same offender must stay out of certain geographic areas. In matters involving domestic violence offenders or sex offenders, the active GPS technology offers the option to create a “Geo-Fence” whereby a specific location or geographical area may be identified as a restricted area to the offender simply by using the “Geo-Fence” option from the user interface software mapping feature.

The Software Package

The software package that we offer is capable of creating a “Geo-Fence” that will show (in real time) where the offender is. The “Geo-Fence” is set by the probation officer or court using the software package.

If the offender enters a forbidden location or area, an alert will be issued instantly by the software. The display screen map shows the exact location and identity of the offender who crossed into the restricted area.

The “Geo-Fence” feature is contained within the software package and is unable to be seen by the offender. With this device, it is possible to monitor the offender’s whereabouts in compliance with any restraining orders and the non-alcohol/non-marijuana use stipulation.

Immediate Consequences

If the offender uses alcohol or marijuana, or goes into a restricted area, the authorities would be immediately alerted through the software mapping feature.

Wireless Monitoring Technology

This method of monitoring is not hindered by the drawbacks of land-based/hard-line telephones (some offenders do not have land-line telephone service due to the prolific advent of cellular telephones). Phone

The equipment allows for secure wireless cellular technology data/information transmission. The offender is periodically reminded by an automated voice and signal tone that the batteries in the ankle bracelet and GPS tracking device are due to be recharged. The bracelet is water resistant and shock resistant.

The electronic monitoring, in conjunction with the alcohol and marijuana sensing house arrest bracelet, is accomplished through an Internet computer interface.

Available Packages

We can offer three user interface packages:
  1. We can provide an equipment/software package where a private service provider or individual probation department can install the bracelets and do the monitoring in-house.
  2. We can offer an equipment/monitoring package which will be provided by an independent web-based monitoring service.
  3. A custom designed equipment/software package can be developed to meet the monitoring needs of a large court system and its probation departments.

How It Works

The software package is designed to utilize the alcohol and marijuana sensing house arrest bracelet, Bluetooth technology and active GPS tracking. Then, through the Sprint or Verizon cell phone system, data from the active GPS tracking device and the alcohol and marijuana sensing ankle house arrest bracelet is transmitted to the user interface via your internet provider.

The user interface software package receives the transmitted data from the ankle bracelet and its active GPS Tracking device. The software presents that transmitted information onto a user friendly map showing offender locations and presents the alcohol and marijuana sensor status levels in a graph form. In the event a court officer or probation officer needs a hard copy of the monitoring information, the software also provides printer friendly reports and map.

New Monitoring Software Option

CB Home Detention Equipment and Services, Inc. and a software engineering company have produced a new online monitoring software package that will work with our equipment. The monitoring software is easier to navigate and operate.The GPS mapping and "cookie trail" features, are impressive. This new software package gives service providers a choice of more than one online electronic monitoring user interface option. The new monitoring software is available now.



This new redesigned Generation III alcohol and marijuana sensing house arrest bracelet is now available. It is a powerful tool for courts and probation departments as an alternative mode of sentencing due to overcrowded jails.

Probation departments spend most of their time handling offenders on drug and alcohol related matters. We now have the technology to monitor alcohol and marijuana usage in offenders and to provide probation departments with on-line information for each monitored offender.

It is no longer necessary for probation officers to require offenders to come in for random drug and alcohol testing. If alcohol or marijuana usage is detected by the equipment, the offender can be summoned and ordered to come in for additional testing.

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Electronic Monitoring Just Got Better!
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