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Drug Sensing House Arrest Ankle Bracelet

We now have the first house arrest ankle bracelet that will detect the presence of marijuana.

Methamphetamine Drug Sensing Capabilities in an Ankle Bracelet will be available in 2013.


by CB Home Detention Equipment and Services, Inc.

Electronic Monitoring Just Got Better!

We have been actively pursuing the development of the Tattle Tale™ drug bracelets. Our perseverance has led us to the invention of the marijuana drug sensing bracelet. We are working on the methamphetamine drug sensing bracelet.

Patent applications have been prepared by our engineers and attorneys.



House Arrest Bracelet

With these bracelets, drug detection is now much less difficult. It is no longer necessary for Private Service Providers or Probation Departments to require a defendant/offender to come in for a periodic urine test or a swab test for marijuana. The probation officer merely needs to look at a computer screen to see the current status and location of an offender.

The ankle bracelet/GPS tracking device equipment is small and easy to install on an offender. The offender can wear the equipment discreetly at their place of employment while monitored data is transmitted.

The active GPS tracking device gives the location of the offender in compliance with the court’s house arrest orders.

The methamphetamine drug sensing bracelet is currently in development stages and will be ready in 2013.

For more information about how this drug testing bracelet works click here.
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Electronic Monitoring Just Got Better!
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