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Electronic Monitoring Device Applications for Juvenile Court

Our New Electronic Monitoring Devices (alcohol and marijuana) facilitate both the surveillance and the rehabilitative process. Alcohol and marijuana detecting ankle bracelets are now available. Bracelets that can detect methamphetamine are presently under development. Cocaine and opiate sensing bracelets will follow.

In the Juvenile Court system, probation officers work to achieve compliance with the court’s orders and seek to achieve a measure of rehabilitation in the juvenile offender. Juvenile probation officers do a stellar job in accomplishing this difficult task. Probation Officer Counseling Juvenile Offender

Our new Generation III alcohol and marijuana sensing ankle bracelet gives the juvenile probation officer the tools and a method for complete supervision and control.

The drugs of choice for today’s juvenile offenders are alcohol, marijuana and methamphetamine.

It is no longer necessary to randomly bring the juvenile offender into the probation department or to a drug testing facility for a urine test or a swab test.

The electronic monitoring hardware and software is designed to show whether the juvenile offender is in compliance. Specific tests are not necessary unless used to confirm the alcohol or drug sensing ankle bracelet readings.

Where Is He - Where Was He?

The probation officer can track the juvenile offender by the ankle bracelet’s active GPS technology feature and determine if the juvenile is in school. The software automatically keeps a chronological archive of the geographic locations of the offender throughout the monitoring period.

For more information about how this Electronic Monitoring Bracelet works click here.

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